Jumpstart the New Year




Welcome to Fueled and Fit’s 14 Day “Jumpstart the New Year” program! This program is designed to help jumpstart your personal goals in January and beyond, including weight management, increased energy, blood sugar control, decreased inflammation, improved exercise recovery, and more! It contains everything that you may need to set yourself up for success- a 14 day meal plan, recipes, nutrition facts and macros, ingredient swaps, and already done-for-you grocery lists!

The 14 day jumpstart contains recipes that are less than 450 calories per meal, less than 40g carbs per meal and snack, and higher in protein (averaging 100g protein daily). The goal is to provide balanced, colorful, and whole food-based meal and snack ideas to help you start to feel and look your best! In addition to the 14 day meal plan and grocery list, you will also receive:

-List of pantry, fridge, and freezer staples
-List of bodyweight exercises for home workouts
-Access to my free “Ask the RD” IG Live in January to help guide you in your new journey (@fueledandfitllc)

Everything will be delivered right to your inbox to get started. Enjoy!


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